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My astrophotography efforts starting back in 2003 with fairly primitive equipment up to the present.

Adjust your monitor's constrast and brightness so that you can see all 17 shades.
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M33 Galaxy Triangulum Galaxy Apparent magnitude 5.72

Oct 5, 2010 AP140 f/5.625 24 frames at ISO 1600 for 4min at 50deg with 12 darks Canon T1i
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M33 Triangulum Galaxy

Oct 13, 04 AP130 f/8 at f/6 25x180sec ISO1600 Canon 10d
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NGC 2841 Galaxy

April 20, 2009 AP140 F/7.5 29 frames 11 darks Canon T1i
mistakenly takes at Medium size JPG
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M64 Black Eye or Sleeping Beauty Galaxy

May 1, 06 AP130 f/8 37 x 2min ISO1600 Canon10d
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M109 (NGC 3992)

March 19, 06 "Theta"-like barred spiral galaxy
UGC 6983 - Face on Spiral Galaxy Mag 13.8 is in lower right
And 3 dwarf galaxies referenced in
"Dark and luminous matter in the NGC 3992 group of galaxies" http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0204344
UGC 6969 Edge on Galaxy Mag 15.4 on the left edge, under M109
UGC 6940 (very small) Mag 16.71 about two M109-widths to the right of M109
UGC 6923 Mag 14 just left of middle, and 20% down from top
AP130 F/8 37x4min and 8x8min ISO1600 Canon 10d with darks
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Feb 17 2006 AP130 F/8 18x2min 37x3min ISO1600 Canon 10d no darks
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Markarian's Chain - image is a "mouse over" image

May 24, 2005 A dozen galaxies - move mouse over the image to get the labels to appear
AP130 F/8 at F/6 17x3min ISO1600 9 darks Canon 10d
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Markarian's Chain

Another shot with WO 80mm Fluorite April 21, 2006 23 NGC Objects
WO 80mm Fluorite TV .8 Flattener 16x3min ISO1600
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M97 Owl Nebula and M108 galaxy

Mar 9, 2005 WO80mm f/6 14x240sec ISO800 Canon 10d
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M101 Pinwheel Galaxy (Apparent magnitude 7.86 but spread out, so fainter with magnification)

Combination 2 nights July 20, 2004 AP130 f/8 20x240sec ISO1600 Canon 10d
May 2, 06 15x8min and Jul 20, 04 20x4min AP130 F/8 Canon 10d ISO 1600
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M101 Pinwheel Galaxy with 4 other galaxies

Aug 14, 2016 Nikon 180mm f/4 34x60sec ISO800 Canon Rebel SL1
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M101 Pinwheel Galaxy

Aug 25, 2016 36x120sec plus Aug 29, 2016 56x120sec with UHC filter AP140 f/7.5 ISO1600 Canon Rebel SL1
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Leo Triplet

The Leo Triplet NGC3628 M66 and above them, M65 Mar 13, 2005
AP130 f/6 35x240sec ISO1600 Canon 10d
At the left side is Minor Planet (Asteroid) Eunike, Magnitude: 11.92
Shown in five positions, over about 2 1/2 hours
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Leo Triplet - motion of Asteroid Eunike

Combination of 4 pics showing Eunike moving on the nights of Mar 9, 10, 11, 13
Picture composed from shots by Dave Dockery, Ashley Roeckelein, Eddie Pavlu, and Kurt Friedrich
Asteroid 185 Eunike: Discovered on March 1, 1878 by Christian Heinrich Friedrich Peter.
Eunike has a diameter of 158 km. It possesses a dark carbon-containing surface with an albedo
of 0,064. In approximately 10 hours and 50 minutes it rotates around the own axis.
Eunike moves between 2,3889 (perihel) astronomical units to 3.0877 astronomical units (aphelion) in
4.531 years around the sun.
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NCG4565 in Coma Berenices

Apr 21, 04 NGC 4562 ( to the lower right) and IC 3546 (to the upper right)
AP130 f/8 51x120sec ISO1600 Canon 10d
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M51 Galaxy interacting with NGC 5195 (magnitude 8.5)

Also 15th mag Spiral Galaxy IC 4263 about 2/3 up and 1/5 in from rigth edge
Mag 12.79 Type C Galaxy NGC 5198 on right edge about 1/4th up)
April 23, 2009 AP140 F/7.5 22 x 4min with 20 darks Canon T1i
Full frame
Missing Picture

Missing Picture

Supernova 2005CS in M51 - image is a "mouse over" image

July 3, 05 M51 - Supernova 2005CS (and 14th mag Spiral Galaxy IC 4263 in lower left corner)
The Supernova is visable just to the left of the core, in the first major arm.
Putting the mouse on the image will overlay a previous image I took, and you can see the Supernove was not there.
AP130 f/8 24x180sec ISO1600 Canon 10d
Missing Picture

M31 Andromeda Galaxy

Jan 10, 2005 with WO 80mm TV .8 reducer f/4.8 7x4min ISO1600 Canon 10d
Missing Picture

M31 with M32 (ball just below) and M110 (oval above)

Oct 13, 2010 AT80LE 10 frames at ISO 1600 for 4 min at 51 deg with 12 darks, unguided Canon T1i
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M81 Spiral and M82 Irregular galaxies taken at TMSP (magnitude 6.94 and 8.41)

Aug 4, 16 AP140 f/7.5 24x120sec ISO1600 Canon Rebel SL1 unguided
M81 on right (Bode's Nebula- actually a galaxy) is a spiral approximately 12 million light-years away
M82 on left (Cigar Galaxy) is an irregular starburst galaxy, highly disturbed by gravitational interaction with
other members of the group of galaxies. Its core was absolutely shattered by its encounter with M81 long ago. Missing Picture

NGC5907 Galaxy in Draco. Known as the Splinter or Knife Edge galaxy (magnitude 11.1)

It is apparently composed almost entirely of dwarf stars.
It is about 500 times more faint than the Andromeda galaxy.
AP140 f/7.5 ISO1600 Canon Rebel SL1 36x120sec Aug 24 and 58x120sec Sept 9, 2016
Missing Picture


There are quite a few galaxies in this area, I count 21 in the full resolution one, 18 in this reduced size one.
AP140 f/7.5 ISO1600 Canon Rebel SL1 53x120sec Sept 8 2016
Missing Picture

Here is a center crop with NGC7331 plus six more galaxies.
Missing Picture

Here is a diagram with their names.
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Here is a top right crop with six more galaxies, the 6th is faint on the bottom edge.
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Here is a bottom left crop with four galaxies.
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Here is a bottom right crop with three galaxies.
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